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Julien Carnot

I love imagining new solutions, and hacking/combining existing parts to make something work better.

Once upon a time, I quit my job and my flat and seven days later, I found myself in the Shetlands, here. I had no address, and I was in the middle of an abandoned village. And I realised how these places have always been special to me, for their history and their potential. And how I love to transform resources into products, with simple ideas.

I've started this on my own. I'm not an expert in this field. But I know there are solutions to be found! So I'm learning, testing and learning. And experts share their views and inputs, along the way.

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You, oqp's cofounder

Do you see the potential behind closed shutters? Do you think we should ditch slogans and find a market based solution? Do you want to design and develop a new service for owners of vacant homes, so that their property can be put back on the market, without having to invest in renovation and to take care of this project?

Do you love reaching out to people to help them? Do you want to work for the general interest? Do you know enough about the legal and financial constraints in the housing/real estate industries to work your way around them?

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